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This is for student reinforcement of the Indiana State Standards.

Welcome to English 10B! We are lucky enough to be an inACCESS Lab this semester! We will be working with this technology daily this semester. Our books are on the computer, and I will be using Moodle in the classroom daily! This semester we will cover Drama, Myths and Legends, and Fiction. Please note: FOOD, DRINK, and SPRIAL NOTEBOOKS are not allowed in my room, due to the computers!

We are very fortunate to have an inACCESS class room.  We will continue to use the computers in the room even when you have your laptops. Please be very careful with your spiral notebooks or anything that may scratch the glass

We are very fortunate to have an INACCESS classroom.  We will be covering Units 4,5, & 6 in the literature book.  These books are on the computer.  We will also have weekly vocabulary tests.  Please do not use your laptops or spiral notebooks in this room as they will scratch the glass.